We Are Proud To Be 100% Employee-Owned Firm

Here at T&S Structural, we understand that our people make a difference and we are happy that the ESOP allows us to invest in our employees for the long term. As employee-owners, we understand our most valuable asset, our people.

Participating in our ESOP program means we are all owners of the company. Our employees directly benefit financially from the hard work they put in. This reinforces our shared responsibility for the firm’s success.

Through the ESOP, our employees have a vested interest in the future of the company and the protection of our 27-year legacy. Clients can find comfort in knowing we are stable, and we make it our business to perform as efficiently as possible for them.

Our company culture depends on those who own it. We facilitate collaboration and a sense of community while we care for our employee-owners and their families.

  • “Employee Ownership is more than a stock certificate in hand at the end of each calendar year. It creates a collaborative environment that we all work toward to ensure everyone’s success within the firm.” - Michelle McCovey-Good, P.E., CEO

  • "We worked hard to create a brand that would represent the long-standing history of the company. It wasn’t about reinventing ourselves, but rather about positioning ourselves for future employee-led growth" - Joel J. Neal, P.E., LEED AP, Principal

  • "Our ESOP program encourages us to perform to the best of our abilities by knowing our efforts have a direct correlation to the value of the company. It also helps foster our company's “teamwork” culture by ensuring we elevate our collective staff to a higher standard." - Tony Rosemann, P.E., Senior Engineer