The past weeks have been an unprecedented test of patience and a testament of resilience with significant sacrifices being made by all. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, our appreciation has grown for essential workers including our clients and employees. We are thankful to all who continue to work to keep our communities safe.

We are amazed by the strength of our communities and the effort of United States Citizens to put the needs of the whole ahead of the needs of the individual. While the shelter at home has been difficult for us all, our staff has been able to work remotely to service the needs of our clients. We've participated in countless zoom meetings, educational webinars, and kept on top of the current issues surrounding COVID-19 by subscribing to the publications and broadcasts from reputable sources.

We are currently in the process of creating our COVID-19 prevention plan for when the shelter at home orders have been lifted. In addition to providing sanitizing agents for office areas, our efforts include having a stock of the proper personal protective equipment to ensure we safely enter worksites. We are committed to adhering to CDC guidelines in order to create a safe work environment for our employees and clients. We have appreciated your understanding, confidence, and trust in Taylor & Syfan. We look forward to continuing to service the needs of your projects throughout the reopening stages in the coming weeks.

As we move forward in the reopening of the Country, there are many adjustments to be made, not only to our mindsets but our physical workspaces. With the social distancing requirement, current workspaces are challenged. If you need to reconfigure or remodel your workspaces, please contact our office for assistance. T&S is well versed in tenant improvement and here to assist with any needs you may have to get your team back to work.